Relationships. We all need healthy ones, beginning with ourselves. You are in a relationship with everything and everyone you come into contact with on a daily basis, however brief; even with the check-out lady at the local market. Believe it or not, every single problem you have is a result of a not-so-thriving relationship with someone or something.

Whether it’s food, nature, the dining room table or the mailman, you have found your way into a relationship with each and every thing that you share time with in your day. Why not make these relationships the best you possibly can?

We know we need good relationships but how do we set out to improve them? You’ll hear me go on and on about beliefs, and this is no different. Let’s talk about romantic relationships for a moment. What are you holding inside of yourself; what belief is keeping you from the romantic relationship you say you want? What self-defeating belief are you expertly manifesting?

I’m not worthy of love and respect.

All men are pigs.

I always get hurt.

Something always happens and he leaves.

It will never work for me.

There are no good men/women out there.

I once had a client that was fed up with the dating scene. After a few dates, the women he was seeing would just stop calling or responding. This man wanted a wife and family but was holding onto so much grief of the past experience that he was choosing the same women that would hurt him like the ones before. This man, after working with me for a year, attracted the perfect partner for himself. Their lives are enriched with fun, mutual faith, understanding, and love. I said to him recently, “Do you remember when you had those problems with women? Now, look at you! You have a great partner with the same interests. That’s awesome!” We both laughed.

This is how it really works! Countless people who have taken charge can show you real proof. Your relationships can improve if you let go.

Doing this work, I’ve uncovered beliefs which I held onto that only resulted in what I called “failure” at the time. Now I see that I was successfully producing the results that matched my own beliefs about men, therefore I kept attracting the ones which I said I was tired of and didn’t want. Was I really tired of them? No! I was getting exactly what I always got, what I “knew.” I love what I hate and hate what I love, remember? This is another good example of how the Law of Attraction works. Those men that I was choosing were EXACTLY what I wanted. However, as I released the beliefs supporting my successful choices, I began attracting a very different kind of man that matched my new beliefs. Instead of dating losers, I found one that loves me for who I am, even as I was trying to figure out who that was. But wait, that’s not the best part! The greatest thing about these changing beliefs is that as I let go of them, other men also responded to me in a different and better way. Now I have respectful friends who are men, and whom I love and admire.

As little as ten years ago, I thought ALL men were pigs. That’s no longer the case for me. Today, some of my dearest friends are men, and I can share things with them and feel comfortable. Since shifting my perception of the opposite sex, I’ve also noticed that women who had the same perception I did, are still attracting men that “make” them unhappy, just like their boss, step dad, or whomever. The pattern you have created with men or anything else CAN change. It will change if you take charge.

Changing your relationships starts with you. You can change your relationship with food, sex, drugs, men, anything you want when you find the supporting beliefs for what you currently produce in these areas. If I can do it, so can you.

Find out what you truly want in a relationship. If you don’t know, I can help. Together, we can transform those your long held beliefs, and bring your new and better beliefs into reality.