Physical Pain

Meridian tapping and the many forms and varieties of EFT have helped millions of people with painful conditions get relief.  FasterEFT works by addressing memories and beliefs of the sufferer. It gets to the root of the pain, and is the fastest and safest at offering fast, optimal, results. FasterEFT has been deemed, “EFT on steroids” and I believe that description fits quite well.  

Concerning Fibromyalgia pain- While the cause of Fibromyalgia is unknown, skilled professionals have their ideas about what causes this malady of the autoimmune system, seemingly, “attacking” itself. Whether you’ve been in an auto accident,  dropped a brick on your toe, or you found yourself on the receiving end of a spanking in primary school, you may have unresolved trauma from the experience or other experiences that don’t even involve physical trauma. Over time, we become good at producing more of our own pain and like anything else, the more we focus on pain, the more pain we experience. It is the perfect storm. Adding fuel to the fire, brain fog and other cognition issues are made worse by the various prescriptions sufferers are given. Good days grow few and far between but when they do occur, it gives a much needed respite. It’s like this: Our bodies physically expresses the painful emotions of the past, literally. Yes, that’s right; Your emotions are causing your pain and making you sick. Pain is the physical representation of your emotional state. Moreover, when painful emotions are addressed and let go, the pain does, too. FasterEFT can even work if you don’t remember what has happened that could have caused the pain. Your subconscious knows, for sure.

Pain of every kind is the experience of many men and women, each and every year that suffer. We fall into that familiar trance of pain each and every day. After all, Inner dialogue and beliefs are formed, creating ever-growing focus. Doctors and treatments of all kinds come into the picture and with them, sometimes medications that can cause a set of issues of their own. Looking outside of oneself for relief from a problem that comes from within doesn’t work. Both problem and solution are found within the subconscious mind. It is no surprise that pain becomes a part of our identity. Physical pain can even arise from hurtful words, minescule accidents, and/or emotional pain buried inside dysfunctional relationships. There is a virtual plethora of reasons that physical pain can exist. There is a program inside our pain and we begin reinforcing it. Who would we be without it? It becomes such a problem, affecting our finances, relationships, and freedom that it becomes necessary to reach out and get help. Combatting pain can become full time job. Adding emotions and struggles that come with disability can leave anyone feeling discouraged and broken.

Pain is pain. And what I didn’t understand is that my pain had a message for me, just as yours has a message for you. It was there for a reason. It was born out of love. The traumatic experiences I witnessed and experienced were hurting me as I held on to them and I began to learn about me, to know myself like I hadn’t before. I learned that I am highly kinesthetic and I feel experiences (pain) in my body, as many others do. I also had rebound pain from the medication I was prescribed.

Regardless of where your pain is or how it got there, it’s a signal for you to act. It’s time you stop and focus on what you want in life. Let go of all the reasons it won’t work and start focusing on why it will. Take it from me, this journey is not the ‘band-aid’ you’ve grown accustomed to and it’s not for the faint of heart, but it is easier than what you are currently doing inside yourself each and every day.

If you have experienced any of these in the past and are still hurting, I’m a phone call or email away:

  • car accidents
  • back injuries
  • surgeries (any)
  • broken bones
  • nerve damage (Neuropathy)
  • FMS symptoms
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • PTSD
  • falling
  • arthritis
  • shingles
  • MS
  • headaches

Fundamentally, chronic pain is treated as a matter of biology because Errant nerve impulses alert the brain of damage to tissue that doesn’t exist anymore, or never really did. Complex psychological and social factors can establish who may get well, in spite of even the most severe chronic pain — and whose lives will be tested and become undone at the seams.  Understanding emotions like sadness and anxiety, along with the myriad of emotions that CAN and DO aggravate chronic pain is a good start. They play a huge role in your emotional and physical stability because the mind is the body and the body is the mind. Remember? (LINK HERE to NLP piece, I think.) If you focus on your discomfort, you become less able to cope, compared to those who have a more positive outlook, and take life and its’ pains as they come. Interesting to note, people that get injured on the job and are happy with their employment will do far better in terms of healing compared to those who are hurt but are already disgruntled with its daily tasks and duties.

***It is high priority that underlying causes of pain are taken care of by a qualified health professional. Get clearance to try FasterEFT beforehand and do not cease in taking your doctor’s advice. These statements are NOT meant to diagnose, treat, or take the place of your doctor in any way. Do NOT take online advice from anyone when common sense tells you otherwise.

Do something good for yourself. Call today to discuss options for your pain. Contact Suzan.

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Releasing Pain With Faster EFT