Addiction can be challenging to overcome. Over time, the brain creates neural pathways that are the physical manifestation of your unique beliefs and life experience. They are the reinforcement of beliefs, patterns, and programs, supporting any problem, In addiction, your brain becomes accustomed to the substance you’ve been using to cope. So much, in fact, that the chemicals in your brain change as well. The “feel good” chemicals (Endorphins like Dopamine) that your brain naturally creates, become both altered and depleted. Without the substance, one can experience what is called “rebound pain.” This is the pain caused by not having the drug, simply because your body has now received the message that it doesn’t have to make it’s own any longer. The drug has replaced this natural process and over time, the body accommodates. Neural pathways are like strong rope. Layer upon layer, these pathways are real, physical links. They are interwoven, based on your experiences. Long held patterns of thought form neural connections and must be reprogrammed, layer by layer. Unlike traditional methods and programs that address addiction, I address the underlying cause by using cutting edge techniques that can change the current patterns and programs, deep within the subconscious mind.

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Programming Your Subconscious Mind

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