I do not know another word to express my gratitude. Right now, half an hour after the session, I am feeling so ready. I can not believe how fast I moved from paralyzing fear to condition of calm , conscious choice. Thank you and lots of hugs !!


I had a number of sessions with Suzan Vaughn to work on my issues, and there were major break throughs that years of talk psychotherapy and medication did not really help… Suzan is a very skilled Faster EFT practitioner… Today I am a happier, and more confident human being…

Terry Hoyt
Licensed Psychotherapist, and
Licensed Clinical Substance Abuse Counselor

I finally decided I deserved going “there” and getting this stuff released. I want to thank Suzan Vaughn for going there with me. She is tenacious in the most loving way…
She wouldn’t allow me to run
Well she chased me down… lol
I cried, I laughed, I smile
We closed the door on a way of life…
The door no longer exists.
I cannot go back only forward into a whole new life
I am not alone on this new path…
I am supported
I am loved
I love me
Thank you Suz for loving me
I love you!

Rita K. Ibison

Hi Ya’ll,
This is testimonial and thanks for a dear practitioner, Suzan Vaughn, who has seen me through many changes:

It sometimes takes one with patience and a heart of gold
to assist a client to remember treasures they’ve been hiding in their hole
Sometimes it takes a teacher with passion in their soul
to dig deep past the boulders that long had taken hold
At moments – curious sleuth, to track the rabbits zig-zag trail
clever skills built over time, it’s bolting habits to derail
Still other times, obsidian blade, to slice through core beliefs
A gentle hand that reaches out uprooting massive lies
I couldn’t find, having buried deep inside
Enthusiasm, amusing humor, passionate transformation
along with generosity and loving communication
Wanting the best, offering new seeds, blooming flowers fruiting things
after having dug out all the long untended weeds
Evermore fluent, willing to grow
new gardens with roots to water, until yourself will know
Realize oneself anew
a brand new story ~~~ it’s gifts begin to unfold
With love from my child heart,

Elise Miller

I had a FEFT/TRE (Trauma Release Exercise) session with Suzan. I tend to hold a lot in my body without really feeling it emotionally. That is, the pain is REAL but there are no emotions about it as I don’t “live” in my body that much (my head, yes). I don’t know what she did or how she did it but so much was released and processed (unconsciously). I had a deep sleep, and a lightness in my worldview. It feels like I’m watching a sunrise.

– S. Burch Canada

In the past these talks (with the boss) never went very well. But this time was different.

His approach was different (more humble and carefull) and I also answered with a lot more confidence.

Instead of him telling me what I should do, I got to pick what I like doing.

For instance, checking on future building projects and designing the rough outline of them. Something I like doing and that I’m good at.

I can also use the experience in my own private projects

So again, I see with my own eyes that my life is changing.

I know that this comes from within me, but I couldn’t have done this without your help, time, expertise and love. So thank you again Suzan.


“I first went to Suzan after over a year of depression and grief due to two miscarriages. I thought that nothing, aside from a baby in my arms, could overcome the depth of loss I felt. To my utter amazement, after just one session with Suzan, my grief was transformed into joy and contentment. I could finally let go and feel peace that I had never experienced before.

Three days after that session, I went to the emergency room with severe abdominal pain. They discovered a 10cm tumor on my ovary. I was discharged from the hospital with the recommendation to find a surgeon, fast. Because I had had my second miscarriage only three months prior, I had established care with the best OB/GYN in the area. He wanted to see me right away, as there was no tumor visible on past scans. He confirmed the tumor; even worse, the pain I had was due to a rupture. There was fluid in my abdomen that would turn bacterial, fatal, within days. He referred me immediately to an oncologist, who was able to fit me in that morning. As my husband and I sat in her office, the snow began to fall heavily. Over the next two hours, the surgeon’s schedule cleared due to cancellations, a spot opened up at the hospital, and I was ready for surgery. The tumor had engulfed my ovary and mangled a Fallopian tube, so they could not be saved. I was discharged with five  incisions all over my stomach. But I was alive.

If it had not been for that single session with Suzan, I have no doubt that the loss of my ovary and near death would have sent me spiraling deeper into depression and grief. Instead, I sit here reveling in joy, gratitude, and wonder at how events unfolded to save my life. I have been given what few ever receive: a second chance. I have peace. Suzan, through Faster EFT, has taught me how to see my story for what it is – a story. I choose what it means. Your story is just that, a story. It’s time to rewrite it.”